Fri-D-day in the Quad!

Posted on Friday 14 September 2012

Doughnuts Galore!

To mark the end of the first week of the new term, Friday became D-day at the College : and ‘D’ is most definitely for doughnuts!

Students (and one or two sneaky sweet toothed staff!) celebrated settling in to their first week of College with fresh, delicious doughnuts...1000s of them! The SA served a choice of either scrummy chocolate or gorgeous jam to a delighted College, who basked in the late summer sunshine, licked sugary fingers and enjoyed the cool sounds of Kiran and the gang.  What a tough life! 

More photographs of both students and staff enjoying their doughnuts can be viewed here.

Students LOVE yummy, sticky doughnuts!

Students LOVE yummy, sticky doughnuts!